Quick IT Tips for New Businesses

Mel Montalvo, Vice President of My IT Provider in Caldwell, NJ, shared with Garden State Woman some quick tips for people who are trying to start a business and what they should be expecting out of their technology to help achieve their goals.

  1. The name of the business should be your domain and belong to their email address. For example, using a domain on your email address is a lot more professional and attractive to new customers instead of a @yahoo.com or @gmail.com (free service with size limitations).  For about $40 (yearly) you can secure a domain and an email plan with Network Solutions or GoDaddy.
  2. Purchase a little all in one scanner/copier/printer/fax – Having functionality in a little unit can help develop professional, colored brochures, flyers, etc. (in low volume) for that important meeting.  Even though we live in a digital age and paperless environment, high power executives still want to "touch" something and see a marketing logo/branding behind a company and these little All-in-Ones can help.
  3. A simple database manager and building your contacts is key to maintain and track your relationships.  A "CardScan" device and software will help organize your networking right from the beginning.  The software allows you to automate calls and follow up with "hot" leads as well as any special notes on the client (birthday, mention of a special event, etc.).
  4. Acquiring the latest but most common used PC software will help your information be read by others on any device.  Stick to the basics of Microsoft Word/Excel & Outlook instead of others which your potential customer may not have and will have a difficult time opening if he/she does not have that software.  Don't send that customer a Vizio drawing if you are not sure they have Vizio on their PC.  Don't send the executive the PowerPoint presentation because chances are he has someone else viewing it for him/her or he/she may not have PowerPoint.
  5. Purchase a two or three phone line phone system without spending a lot of money.  Set up the voicemail and roll over options to make sure your missed calls land in a voicemail and easy enough for you to retrieve. Also have an unlimited plan on your cell phone to avoid overages and have your calls forwarded to your cell to ensure you don't miss calls.  You can also forward your voicemails to emails so if you're at a big conference or meeting but all of a sudden you READ and important message, you don't waste time and you can react quickly for sake of your potential customer.

My IT Provider is a network services and support Organization specializing in the design, planning, implementation and ongoing support of LAN's, WANs, Email Systems, Servers, Operating Systems, Software and related products. Their specialists provide tailored solutions and work with clients achieving specific objectives to ensure a solid upgrade path for the future.  Visit their website.


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